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So you think you have Aussie's next big business idea?

At Aussie we are about helping people put themselves in a better place and we are always looking for new and innovative ideas to:

  • Help our customers to be smart with their money by providing them with innovative products and services
  • Help our sales team to grow their business
  • Help our staff by giving them better tools to do their jobs
  • Market to new and existing customers

The information below sets out how you can get your proposal to us, what we are looking for and how the process works.

One of Aussie’s greatest strengths is the Aussie brand. It is respected, well known and liked by many Australians. It is important that any new business idea strengthens and grows the brand and can be easily integrated.

Aussie has traditionally operated in financial services, offering mortgage broking, home loans, personal and car loans, insurance, and credit cards. Naturally, Aussie welcomes business ideas that are in this sector as this is where we feel we are best suited to develop the future growth of Aussie. However, we are also looking to diversify Aussie and will consider proposals relating to other sectors.

If you feel that your business idea meets what the Aussie brand is about and will help build the future success of Aussie we are interested in hearing about it.

Getting your business idea to Aussie.

We will need a summary of your business idea, making sure you include the following information:

  • A brief overview of what your business idea is
  • How you think your business idea fits the Aussie brand
  • What stage your business idea is at
  • How you see yourself being involved and what future role you see yourself playing in the business idea
  • Why you chose Aussie and think that Aussie should become involved in your business idea
  • How you see Aussie being involved
  • How you see your business idea giving Aussie a good return on investment

Being a busy company with many initiatives running, Aussie receives a large number of ideas and proposals and we simply do not have time to read lengthy business proposals. Your proposal should not exceed 5 typed pages summarising the above details and any other information you feel relevant. Your proposal should use clear and straightforward language so we can fully understand your idea.

After sending your business idea to Aussie, please allow sufficient time for your idea to be reviewed by the Aussie team.

Non Disclosure Agreements

When Aussie receives a business proposal it is Aussie’s policy NOT to sign Non Disclosure Agreements at first. This is due to the fact that Aussie receives a large number of business proposals every week that are often similar to each other or similar to ideas already being developed internally by the Aussie team.

What format should my proposal be in?

Please send your businesses proposal to Aussie via Email in either Word, PowerPoint, or PDF format.

Where do I send my proposal?

Please submit any proposals to Business proposals received by post cannot be considered and will be securely disposed of.