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John Symond AM - Founder and Executive Chairman, Aussie

John Symond, Executive Chairman of Aussie, is widely credited with bringing competition to the Australian home lending industry, forcing the banks to drop their mortgage interest rates and lifting their service levels.

He is well known as a consumer champion, culminating in a Member of the Order of Australia Award being presented to John in 2002.

Aussie has grown to become Australia’s leading mortgage broker, with a loan portfolio now worth more than $55 billion and more than 750 mortgage brokers in both city and country areas, following the acquisition of Wizard Home Loans in early 2009 and nMB in 2012.

John’s life is a typically Australian one—a happy childhood in Brisbane and Sydney’s west, a near miss with financial failure after the 1987 crash and subsequent emergence as one of Australia’s most inspiring businessmen.

Aussie’s introduction of a range of home loan product features and low interest rates has created innovation, competition and higher service standards in the Australian home loan market. This has delivered savings to many Australian families, who have taken advantage of the lower rates of non-bank lenders.

Since its inception in 1992, Aussie has created a series of firsts in Australian home lending:

  • Dramatically lifting competition in housing finance.
  • The introduction of Securitisation in home loans, resulting in lower interest rates
  • Mobile Mortgage Brokers available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to visit customers across Australia
  • Visits to 10,000 borrowers per month by Aussie Mortgage Brokers
  • The ability for investors to enjoy the same rates as owner-occupiers, after previously paying higher rates

John is the father of two children and proud of his ongoing achievement in making home ownership more affordable for Australian families.

In recognition of his services to the industry, John was inducted into the Australian Banking and Finance Magazine’s Hall of Fame in May 2004—the first non-banker to join the prestigious group of members.

In April 2005, John pushed the boundaries in the financial services sector with the launch of a low rate Aussie Mastercard®—which has heightened competition and provided more than 120,000 Australians with a better credit card deal.

Over the last two years, Aussie has been voted as Australia’s Best Mortgage Broker in the Australian Banking & Finance Magazine Awards.

The company has recently broadened its scope of financial products with the launch of car and personal loans, while increasing the number of its franchised and company owned stores to more than 145 Aussie Stores across Australia, following the acquisition of competitor Wizard.

He concluded, “We continue to innovate and invest in the future of Aussie and the delivery of smarter, more practical financial solutions for our customers, who can see our brokers at their home, office or at the Aussie Stores in city and regional areas of Australia”.

John believes in giving back to the community the support they’ve shown to Aussie. He has created the John Symond Foundation to help a range of charities.