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Following the Reserve Bank of Australia’s decision to reduce the official cash rate, Aussie Home Loans, Australia’s leading mortgage broker and home loan provider, has cut its variable and fixed home loan rates for new Aussie Optimizer customers.

The Aussie Optimizer owner occupied variable rate will be cut by 0.15 per cent to start from 3.84 per cent (comparison rate 3.85 percent)^ for customers borrowing less than $750,000, effective from 12 August 2016.

Additionally, Aussie has decided that all existing Aussie Optimizer and Aussie Select variable rate customers will receive a 0.10% rate discount, effective 23 August 2016.

These cuts follow Aussie’s decision to reduced its Aussie Select three and five year fixed rates to the lowest levels in the product’s history for new customers, and existing variable customers who wish to fix their loan, which was effective 3 August, 2016.

The Aussie Select five year fixed rate for owner occupiers is now 4.19 per cent (comparison rate 4.12 per cent) *.

Aussie Select has also dropped its three year fixed rate for owner occupiers to 3.89 per cent (comparison rate 4.02 per cent)*. These new fixed rates are also available to existing Aussie Select variable rate customers wishing to fix their loan.

Pricing for the Aussie Select product for new customers is currently under review and any changes will be communicated accordingly.

Aussie Select and Aussie Optimizer are available through Aussie Mortgage Brokers, with Aussie Select also available from mortgage brokers who operate as part of National Mortgage Brokers.

To find out more call 13 13 33.