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Australia’s leading mortgage broker, Aussie, is the first industry player to offer a unique mentoring program for new recruits, existing mortgage brokers and franchisees at no cost to them.

Aussie’s own customised mentoring program, which has been accredited by the Mortgage & Finance Association of Australia, is designed to fast track the training of new brokers operating their business under the Aussie brand.

Lynda Harris, General Manager People at Aussie said “We have a structured learning pathway for our brokers and franchisees to gain and develop their professional skills, expand their businesses and enhance the effectiveness of their business practices. It also enables new brokers to quickly understand the level of customer service they need to deliver to be consistent with the Aussie brand promise.

“Our brokers play a vital role in helping our customers identify the right options for one of the largest purchases they will ever make, their own home or an investment property, and they need to have the best skills in the market place to do that. Our Mentoring Program contributes significantly to that”, she added.

Importantly the mentoring program, which includes intensive training sessions, ongoing coaching and support from Aussie’s own mentors and comprehensive support materials, is free of charge for all Aussie Mortgage Brokers.

“On top of the free mentoring and training programs, we also provide our brokers with our leading brand, state of the art technology and an excellent product range, which allows them to attract more customers and write more business”, concluded Ms Harris.

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