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Research* by global intelligence company RFi Group has found that Aussie Home Loans customers are more satisfied with their home loan and the application process compared with customers of other mortgage brokers and those who went direct to a bank.

The survey of 2,036 mortgage holders across Australia also found that outside of the big four, Aussie continues to be the most highly considered lender (16 per cent), just behind NAB on 19 per cent.

Chief Executive of Aussie, Mr James Symond, said “The research shows that Aussie still leads the pack in customer satisfaction and it’s also incredible to see that we’re the number five lender considered by mortgage holders, and right on the heels of a couple of Australia’s largest financial institutions.”

After a period of declining fixed rates, the research found one in three (34 per cent) are likely to fix their home loan interest rate over the next 12 months, far higher than the current proportion of fixed rate loans in the market according to the ABS (9.6 per cent).

First home buyers are the most likely to fix (46 per cent), followed by investors (38 per cent), while 70 per cent of refinancers say they are unlikely to fix, followed by next home buyers (65 per cent).

In contrast, outside of interest rates, the flexibility to make overpayments (33 per cent) and a 100 per cent offset account (27 per cent) are the two most important factors in choosing the right home loan.

“The research clearly shows that borrowers want some stability in interest rate while still having the option to get ahead on their mortgage through additional repayments and leveraging interest savings through offset accounts.

“Fixed rates and these loan features typically don’t work hand in hand, so it pays for customers to see a broker who can guide them through what’s available to help them select the right loan mix and features, which in this case could be a split loan to give them the best of both worlds,” he added.

Aussie customers were also the most likely to recommend their broker (70 per cent) compared to just 59 per cent for customers of other mortgage brokers.

“We have helped over 850,000 customers find a home loan, personal loan, credit card, insurance or deposit assistance over the last 23 years and we’re inching closer to hitting the one millionth customer mark, which is an incredibly exciting prospect,” he added.

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