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Homes in North Queensland have emerged as having the highest equity levels, with the Cook council area reaching 47 per cent, worth $201,144*, according to the Aussie Home Loans and CoreLogic RP Data “Housing Equity Report”.

Equity is simply the difference between the debt held on a property (based on Aussie’s mortgage data), against what the property is currently valued at (according to CoreLogic).

Home equity levels in Queensland rank fourth highest across Australia’s states and territories, with an average of 39.9 per cent in home equity, valued at $165,446.

Executive Chairman of Aussie, Mr John Symond, said “I believe our report shows property is Australia’s best investment both for security and lifestyle and I see no reason why this will change over the next decade, especially in view of the lower interest rate climate, lack of housing supply and continuing population growth”, he added.

Following Cook was Noosa (46.5 per cent) Brisbane (45.3 per cent) and the Sunshine Coast (43.3 per cent), while Isaac (8.5 per cent), Gladstone (11.8 per cent) and Mackay (17.6 per cent) took the bottom three spots.

Top 10 and Bottom 10 council regions in Queensland – percentage and dollar values

Average level of home equity – state by state in percentage and dollar values

Mr Tim Lawless, Research Director of CoreLogic RP Data, “There is no surprise that South East Queensland ranks highly in home equity values as it is showing strong population growth, while the coastal area are proving to be attractive to both interstate and international investors.

“Queensland’s regional mining areas including the Bowen Basin coal mining area show substantially lower levels of home equity compared with areas closer to the coast. The continuing weakness in the coal price and slowdown in major infrastructure spending has been a strong influence on housing markets and the equity levels of homes in the area”, he added.

Brisbane equity levels rank fourth (41.4 per cent) in the national rankings of capitals, behind Sydney, Melbourne and the ACT.

Average level of home equity – city by city in percentage and dollar terms

Average level of home equity – state by state percentages and dollar values

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