There are different types of approval you can get for a home loan:

Pre-approval/Online pre-approval - this is usually a very basic indication of your suitability to borrow an amount from a lender. This is in no way a binding agreement from the lender to actually lend you anything.

Conditional pre-approval - this is a relatively clear indication of a lender's intention to offer to lend you money for a property. It takes into account your personal financial situation but is not a binding agreement from the lender to lend you anything.

Unconditional approval - this indicates a lender's willingness to lend you a specific amount of money for a specific property given your personal situation. It's usually then up to you to decide whether to go forward.

An expert Aussie Broker will help you through all the steps of gaining approval for a home loan. This is a free service as part of your free appointment with an expert Aussie Broker.

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