To generate a redraw using Aussie Online you will need to login and select the ?Redraws & Payments? item from the menu.  This screen allows you to both make an additional payment to your loan account or request a redraw to your nominated transaction account.

  • Select From Account - select which account you wish to make the payment from (Select from the drop down box).  If you are doing a redraw this should be your loan account.
  • Select To Account - select your payment destination (Select from the drop down box which includes the linked transaction account.

The Name, BSB, Account and Reference fields should appear populated on the screen.

You will then enter the following information:

  • Payment Amount - enter the Payment Amount (in the form $$$.cc)
  • Payment Description - enter a description for the payment. You can use this description to identify the payment. eg. Rent, Ticket money
  • Date - enter the Date on which you wish the payment to be made. Click on the calendar icon to select the date from a calendar.
  • How Often - select how often you wish the payment to occur eg. Once only, weekly, monthly.  When a value other than Once Only is selected, the option for How Long the payment should continue is displayed.
  • How Long - select how many times you wish the payment to occur.

If this is a recurring payment, ie not Once off, then this payment will now appear in the Pending Payments List on the Payments tab, where it can be deleted or modified at a later date.

Press the Continue button to confirm the above details and proceed with the payment.

Press the Cancel button to cancel the payment and return to the previous screen.

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