Mortgage repayments calculator - terms & conditions

The information provided by this loan repayments calculator should be treated as a guide only, and not be relied on as true indication of your home loan repayments, or a quote or indication of pre-qualification for any home loan product.

The Aussie Home Loan Repayments Calculator calculates the required repayment amount based on the terms of your loan: primarily loan amount, interest rate, repayment frequency and loan term. It also provides information based on any potential introductory rates applicable, and provides a forecast of potential repayment amounts given a scenario whereby interest rates increase by a given amount over the period of the loan.

Key calculator assumptions

  • Length of Month - It is assumed that each month is of equal length.
  • Weeks and fortnights in a year - 52 and 26, respectively.
  • Rounding - Calculated dollar amounts are rounded to the nearest whole cent.

In practice, actual home loan calculations may differ based on how a lender interprets these factors in regards to any given loan. For example, we calculate fortnightly repayments based on an exact two week period, whereas some lenders may require half of month repayments, which will result in a higher figure. These assumptions allow us to help you determine estimated repayment amounts that will help with your research.