Aussie has now closed the Aussie Classic Low Rate and Platinum Low Rate Credit Cards. You can still view your transactions history by clicking on the correct Card below and login.

All your balance and accounts details have been transferred to a CBA Credit Card. If you have any account enquiries regarding your new CBA Credit Card please contact 13 22 21.

Note - If you have an Aussie Basic Low Rate Credit Card, your Card will continue to operate as normal and you can check your account balance here.

To access the online portal for your credit card, please select your credit card below:

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Not sure which one is yours? There are two easy ways to tell which Aussie credit card you have:

  • First 4 numbers - The first 4 numbers of your credit card can help you tell which type of Aussie credit card you have. Cards starting with 5160 are Classic Low Rate Credit Cards, 5315 are Platinum Low Rate Credit Cards and 5140 are Basic Low Rate Credit Cards.
  • The look - Each Aussie credit card type has a different visual appearance on the front.