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About Me

Winner: Aussie Home Loans No.1 Mortgage Broker in WA 2015, 2016 & 2017

There is so much more information you need to know and consider than who has the lowest interest rate, before picking the right home loan for your needs.

If you are thinking of applying for a home loan why not call me to book a free appointment today and learn why Aussie home loans have been voted mortgage broker of the year for seven years running?
I am available 7 days a week to answer all of your home loan questions.

I like to work with you and show you how everything works so you can confidently make an informed decision about which lender to choose.
Need a first home buyer home loan?
The knowledgeable and experienced team at Aussie Morley have helped hundreds of first home buyers make that first step out of the rental trap and onto the property ladder.
You probably have lots of important questions like;

  • How much deposit will I need to get a home loan?
  • Who has the cheapest home loan interest rates?
  • Can I get a home loan with no deposit?
  • How much will my repayments be per month, week or fortnight?
  • What grants are available to first home buyers in WA and am I eligible for them?
  • What is lenders mortgage insurance and which lender charges the least?
  • Should I fix my home loan, stay variable?
  • Do I need redraw or an offset account?

We can discuss the pro's & con's of each option and I will take you step by step through the whole process in detail. By ensuring you have a strong understanding of everything involved, all of the costs, options and loan features available, you will soon feel confident and comfortable enough to negotiate with real estate agents for your new home.
I can also explain all of the first home buyer grants available to you and complete the necessary paperwork thus taking as much of the stress, work and anxiety out of the process as I can so you can concentrate on finding the right home.

  • Is it possible to save money by refinancing your existing home loan?
  • Can I consolidate credit cards and personal loans into my home loan?

The answer is Yes!

Why sit by paying more on a higher rate than you have to?
The home loan you originally took out may have been the right one at the time, but lenders are always introducing new products with reduced interest rates to compete for new business.

When you add that to the fact your income and expenses may have changed you can almost be certain that if you've been on the same product for three or more years it's time for a review to make sure there isn't a better one out there for you.
Many lenders offer nil application fees and cashback for those refinancing so it could pay off straight away to review your home loan, lower your repayments and reduce your monthly costs.
You have nothing to lose by arranging a home loan review except the thirty minutes or so it may take.

Debt Consolidation.
Almost all of us have a credit card or two. Because of the high rates of interest the banks often charge the debt can quickly escalate. It may make sense to roll these and/or a personal loan into your home loan so you can have one more manageable monthly repayment at a much lower interest rate.
If you are behind on your home loan repayments, in arrears or have other debts to consolidate into a more manageable repayment call me as soon as you can because the longer you leave it the harder and more expensive to fix.
I can refinance your credit cards, personal loans and other debts even if you have missed repayments, a low credit score, defaults on your credit file or if you are in a repayment arrangement with the lender like a Part IX debt agreement for example. Don't let it stress you out for any longer.
Considering an investment property home loan?
Are you looking to purchase an investment property and have no idea where to start? Wondering how much it will cost, what are the tax benefits, how the loan can be structured? What is negative gearing and why you should or shouldn't choose interest only loan repayments for an investment property?
I can show you some of the different structures and scenarios you might consider and how to be tax efficient whilst also minimising your risks and the amount of collateral you are giving the bank control of.
I can show you some of the home loan options suitable whether you are a passive investor (buy & hold), or active (developing or renovating for profit).
I've no doubt you will be surprised at your borrowing power, how the structure can make or break your investment and how many different tricks and tools we have at our disposal to maximise your returns.
Get it right and you can use an investment property to pay less tax and pay off your own home loan sooner whilst benefitting from the capital gains of both.
Building and need a construction home loan?
I can answer all of your construction loan questions and show you everything involved with financing the building of your new home. Whether you are an owner builder, subdividing & developing your block or purchasing a house and land package I think it is always important to have a broker who is independent from the builder. This will help to ensure you have someone who is working hard for your best interests alone and nobody else. I can make sure your stage payments are not released until you are happy with the quality of the work, for example.
Some lenders have great construction loans with low valuation and progress payment fees. Others charge a higher rate whilst you are building and much higher progress draw fees. Knowing which is good for your own project will help save you time and money so you can concentrate on the build itself.
Need development finance?
We regularly finance sub-divisions and small residential developments for our clients. We know which lenders are looking specifically for your business and which of those have the lowest rates and fees. You may be interested to see the difference sub-dividing at the end or beginning of the project can make on your finance options and the effect it can have on your returns and holding costs.
Bad Credit and need a debt consolidation home loan?
We have lenders on our panel who specialise in lending to those who have been through difficult circumstances that have resulted in a lower credit score rating. It's so important if you are behind on your repayments to get in touch straight away.
Put an end to the stress of it all by calling me today to arrange an appointment. I can show you what your options are even if that means using a short term fix that we can revisit once your repayments are back on track and your credit score has improved.
What Next?
Call me today on 0410 474 196 or 08 9375 6299 to arrange a free appointment.

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