Hardship Support

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To support our customers during difficult times, Aussie Home Loans and our lending partners have established methods for our customers to seek financial support.

Aussie's own home loans

Read through our hardship support information

Other lenders 

We have listed our lenders' contact details below in alphabetical order. Including links to their hardship support information pages where available.

Adelaide Bank

Phone: 1300 650 259

Email: mortgagehelpadelaide@bendigoadelaide.com.au

Read through Adelaide Bank's financial difficult assistance



Phone: 13 30 30

Email: AB_Credit_Services_Hardship@ampbanking.com.au

Read through AMP financial hardship support



Read through ANZ's hardship support information


Bank of Melbourne

Read through Bank of Melbourne's hardship support


Bank SA

Read through Bank SA hardship support



Phone: 13 17 19

Read through Bankwest's hardship support



Phone: 1300 720 814

Read through CommBank's financial difficulty support information


Heritage Bank

Phone: 13 14 22

Read through Heritage Bank's financial hardship information



Phone: 1300 308 008

Email: customerassist@hsbc.com.au

Read through HSBC's hardship support information



Phone: 08 8203 4756

Read through Homestart's hardship support information



Phone: 133 464

Read through ING's financial hardship support



Phone: 1300 578 278

Email: hardship@keystart.com.au

Read through Keystart's financial difficulty information



Phone: 13 11 33

Email: help@liberty.com.au

Message the customer team through the Liberty's Facebook page

Read through Liberty's hardship information


Macquarie Bank

Phone: 1300 363 330

Read through Macquarie Bank's financial assistance information


Old Macquarie Funded AHL Loans

Refer to Macquarie above


ME Bank

Phone: 13 15 63

Read through ME Bank hardship information


Phone: 13 80 01

Email: hardship@mystate.com.au

Read through My State's financial hardship information



Phone: 13 22 65

Read through NAB's financial hardship information


P&N Bank

Phone: 13 25 77

Email: financialhardship@pnbank.com.au

Read through P&N Bank's financial hardship information



Phone: 1800 356 383

Read through Pepper's financial hardship information


St George

Read through St George financial hardship information



Phone: 1800 225 223

Read through Suncorp financial difficulty information



Phone: 1800 701 997

Read through Virgin's help and assistance



Read through Westpac's financial hardship information