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Got extra cash?

Maybe a work bonus or gift? Putting that lump sum towards paying off your home loan could save you thousands in the long run.

Important to remember

Applications for finance are subject credit approval. Full terms and conditions will be included in any loan offer. Fees and charges are payable. Our calculators and tools provide estimates for your general information only and are based on the accuracy of information input. The estimates are not a quote or a loan offer.

  • How can the Lump Sum Repayments Calculator help me?
  • Paying off a lump sum towards your home loan may change your remaining home loan repayment picture dramatically. Lowering the amount owing on your home loan may reduce the amount of interest calculated on the remainder, and it may also help reduce the duration of your loan.

  • Why can't I use the Lump Sum Repayments Calculator now?
  • We are currently in the process of redesigning our calculator suite to provide you with a better user experience. We thank you for your patience while we finalise these improvements.

  • When will this Lump Sum Repayments Calculator be available to use?
  • This calculator should be available on our website for use in early 2014. Please keep an eye out for it!

  • What other calculators are available for use?
  • To see the full range of calculators Aussie has available for use, click here.

  • What's next?
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