The Aussie Select Basic Variable loan offers a competitive rate with a range of features, no ongoing management fees, and competitive interest rates to suit your particular situation.

Interest Rate

Owner Occupied Variable Rate from -  [rates|OO-Aussie-Select-Basic-Variable-under-500k-LVR<=80]% p.a. rate|OO-Aussie-Select-Basic-Variable-under-500k-LVR<=80 * 
Comparison Rate -  [comp-rates|OO-Aussie-Select-Basic-Variable-under-500k-LVR<=80]% p.a. comprate|OO-Aussie-Select-Basic-Variable-under-500k-LVR<=80 * 

Investment Variable Rate from -  [rates|INV-Aussie-Select-Basic-Variable-under-500k-LVR<=80]% p.a. rate|INV-Aussie-Select-Basic-Variable-under-500k-LVR<=80 * 
Comparison Rate -  [comp-rates|INV-Aussie-Select-Basic-Variable-under-500k-LVR<=80]% p.a. comprate|INV-Aussie-Select-Basic-Variable-under-500k-LVR<=80 * 

Loan Size

Minimum - $100,000
Maximum - $5,000,000

Maximum Loan to Valuation Ratio


Loan Term

Up to 30 yrs

Loan Repayments

Principal & Interest or Interest Only
Interest Only: Maximum term of 5 yrs

Payment Frequency

Fortnightly or Monthly

Paid By

Direct Debit or Direct Salary Crediting

Additional Payments

Yes, any time free of charge

Repayment Redraw

Yes. Unlimited free internet redraws, phone redraws $50 each.

Loan Service Fee



Internet, Phone, BPAY

LMI Capitalisation

Yes up to maximum LVR of 95%


Application Fee


Loan Settlement Fee


Valuation Fee

1st valuation is Free, $300 for 2nd and subsequent valuation.

Solicitors Fee

Advised by solicitor

Ongoing Fee



No fees to withdraw via internet but $50 fee for each phone redraw. ($100 minimum redraw)

Split Loan

No fees to create up to 4 split accounts on the one loan.

Convert to fix

Yes at no extra cost



Discharge Fee


Further Advance Application Fee


More Info

What you get with this home loan

  • Get discounted variable rates depending on the amount you borrow compared to the value of the property (loan to value ratio). The lower the LVR the higher the discount.
  • Redraw - make additional repayments to reduce your interest and redraw the extra funds whenever you need them.
  • Split the loan – fix the rate on part of it. It's free to do this before settlement.
  • Convert to a fixed rate – any time that you need to be certain about the amount of your monthly repayments.
  • Choose to pay interest only.
  • Choose between fortnightly and monthly repayments.
  • Access our BPAY functionality.

You'll also get online access to view all transactions associated with your loan, and a printed statement every 6 months.

This loan is portable, but if you choose to switch the property acting as security there is a $300 fee.

What you need to know about this loan

  • It's only for residential properties.
  • The maximum loan term is 30 years.
  • Splitting your loan after settlement will cost you $100.
  • It's free to request a redraw online, but if you do it via our customer service team there's a charge of $50.

Amount you can borrow

We assess the maximum amount that can be borrowed on a case by case basis. We generally consider a few things such as the size of your deposit and the Loan to Value Ratio (LVR). The LVR is the percentage of the property's value you wish to borrow.

How to make this loan work best for you

Get your salary paid into your loan account and redraw the funds you need. Remember, redraws are free if you request them online. This way you can reduce the amount of interest you need to pay and save money.

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