A fixed rate loan with a range of options, no account maintenance fees and fixed rate term of up to 5 years. So, if you want some certainty of your repayments consider splitting or fixing your home loan.

With the Aussie Select Fixed Rate Home Loan you can protect yourself against rising interest rates and control you repayments with interest rates fixed for up to 5 years.

Owner Occupier Interest Rate

  Fixed Rate Comparison Rate
1yr [rates|OO-Aussie-Select-Basic-Fixed-LVR<=80-1-Year]% p.a. rate|OO-Aussie-Select-Basic-Fixed-LVR<=80-1-Year * 
[comp-rates|OO-Aussie-Select-Basic-Fixed-LVR<=80-1-Year]% p.a. comprate|OO-Aussie-Select-Basic-Fixed-LVR<=80-1-Year * 
2yr [rates|OO-Aussie-Select-Basic-Fixed-LVR<=80-2-Year]% p.a. rate|OO-Aussie-Select-Basic-Fixed-LVR<=80-2-Year * 
[comp-rates|OO-Aussie-Select-Basic-Fixed-LVR<=80-2-Year]% p.a. comprate|OO-Aussie-Select-Basic-Fixed-LVR<=80-2-Year * 
3yr [rates|OO-Aussie-Select-Basic-Fixed-LVR<=80-3-Year]% p.a. rate|OO-Aussie-Select-Basic-Fixed-LVR<=80-3-Year * 
[comp-rates|OO-Aussie-Select-Basic-Fixed-LVR<=80-3-Year]% p.a. comprate|OO-Aussie-Select-Basic-Fixed-LVR<=80-3-Year * 
4yr [rates|OO-Aussie-Select-Basic-Fixed-LVR<=80-4-Year]% p.a. rate|OO-Aussie-Select-Basic-Fixed-LVR<=80-4-Year * 
[comp-rates|OO-Aussie-Select-Basic-Fixed-LVR<=80-4-Year]% p.a. comprate|OO-Aussie-Select-Basic-Fixed-LVR<=80-4-Year * 
5yr [rates|OO-Aussie-Select-Basic-Fixed-LVR<=80-5-Year]% p.a. rate|OO-Aussie-Select-Basic-Fixed-LVR<=80-5-Year * 
[comp-rates|OO-Aussie-Select-Basic-Fixed-LVR<=80-5-Year]% p.a. comprate|OO-Aussie-Select-Basic-Fixed-LVR<=80-5-Year * 

Investor Loan Interest Rate

  Fixed Rate Comparison Rate
1yr [rates|INV-Aussie-Select-Basic-Fixed-LVR-<=95-1-Year]% p.a. rate|INV-Aussie-Select-Basic-Fixed-LVR-<=95-1-Year * 
[comp-rates|INV-Aussie-Select-Basic-Fixed-LVR-<=95-1-Year]% p.a. comprate|INV-Aussie-Select-Basic-Fixed-LVR-<=95-1-Year * 
2yr [rates|INV-Aussie-Select-Basic-Fixed-LVR<=95-2-Year]% p.a. rate|INV-Aussie-Select-Basic-Fixed-LVR<=95-2-Year * 
[comp-rates|INV-Aussie-Select-Basic-Fixed-LVR<=95-2-Year]% p.a. comprate|INV-Aussie-Select-Basic-Fixed-LVR<=95-2-Year * 
3yr [rates|INV-Aussie-Select-Basic-Fixed-LVR<=95-3-Year]% p.a. rate|INV-Aussie-Select-Basic-Fixed-LVR<=95-3-Year * 
[comp-rates|INV-Aussie-Select-Basic-Fixed-LVR<=95-3-Year]% p.a. comprate|INV-Aussie-Select-Basic-Fixed-LVR<=95-3-Year * 
4yr [rates|INV-Aussie-Select-Basic-Fixed-LVR<=95-4-Year]% p.a. rate|INV-Aussie-Select-Basic-Fixed-LVR<=95-4-Year * [comp-rates|INV-Aussie-Select-Basic-Fixed-LVR<=95-4-Year]% p.a. comprate|INV-Aussie-Select-Basic-Fixed-LVR<=95-4-Year * 
5yr [rates|INV-Aussie-Select-Basic-Fixed-LVR<=95-5-Year]% p.a. rate|INV-Aussie-Select-Basic-Fixed-LVR<=95-5-Year * 
[comp-rates|INV-Aussie-Select-Basic-Fixed-LVR<=95-5-Year]% p.a. comprate|INV-Aussie-Select-Basic-Fixed-LVR<=95-5-Year * 

Loan Size

Minimum - $100,000
Maximum - $5,000,000

Maximum Loan to Valuation Ratio

95% (including LMI)

Loan Term

Up to 30 yrs

Loan Repayments

Principal & Interest or Interest Only
Interest Only: Maximum term of 5 yrs

Payment Frequency

Fortnightly or Monthly

Paid By

Direct Debit

Additional Payments

Up to 5% of the original fixed loan amount every year without incurring penalties.


Internet & Phone. There is no redraw available on fixed accounts


Application Fee


Loan Settlement Fee


Valuation Fee

Free for 1st valuation up to $300.

Solicitors Fee

Advised by solicitor

Ongoing Fee


Discharge Fee

Break costs may be applicable if loan discharged during the fixed period.

More Info

What you get with this home loan

Not only a great rate, but it also comes with some flexible features.

With the Aussie Select Basic Fixed Rate Loan you can:

  • Choose to pay interest only.
  • Make additional repayments - up to 5% of the original fixed loan amount every year.
  • Choose between fortnightly and monthly repayments.

What you need to know about this loan

  • It's only for residential properties.
  • The maximum loan term is 30 years.
  • There are break costs if you decide to end your fixed term early.
  • It reverts to Aussie Select Basic Variable rate at the end of the fixed rate term at no extra cost.

Amount you can borrow

The maximum amount that can be borrowed on this type of loan is $5 million but we will assess each case individually. We generally consider a few things such as the size of the deposit and the Loan to Value Ratio (LVR). The LVR is the percentage of the property's value you wish to borrow.

For a full schedule of applicable rates for these products, click here.

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