Compare different methods of Debt Consolidation

Method of debt consolidation


Possible downsides

Home loan
  • Low interest rates available
  • Potential to make extra repayments
  • Redraw facility if funds needed in an emergency
  • Longer term could mean that you could pay more in overall interest if you stick with lender's minimum repayment amount
  • Requires sufficient home equity to secure your loan
  • State government charges may apply to financing/refinancing process
Personal loan
  • Set repayments are easy to budget for
  • Fixed term gives you a clear pay out date
  • Rate is higher than for a home loan
  • Possible upfront and ongoing loan charges
Credit card balance transfer
  • Very low rates for introductory period
  • Fixed term gives you a clear pay out date
  • Revert rate may be high
  • Requires discipline to pay off card in introductory period

Your Aussie Broker can help you decide which method of debt consolidation could be right for your needs.

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