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First Home Buyer's Guide

Where do you start? Let Aussie help you take the first steps to becoming a home owner for the first time by reading our first home buyer's guide.

Thinking about selling your home?

Moving from renting to owning

Home ownership vs. renting – an important step, a big decision...

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Saving and your deposit

Why you need a deposit...

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Choosing the right loan and considering the costs

Now’s the time to check your credit record...

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Understanding Mortgage Broking

A mortgage broker can be a very useful partner for a first home buyer...

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Getting and using the First Home Owners Grant

The First Home Owners Grant (FHOG) is a one-off tax-free Federal Government payment...

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Your property search checklist

It’s likely you’ll be living in your first home for quite a few years...

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The 7 first home buyer mistakes to avoid

Take a look at our list below to avoid falling into these traps...

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Making Your Offer

roperties are typically sold in one of two ways – either by private treaty or at auction...

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Next steps to buying your property

So you’ve found “the one”, and agreed on a price with the seller - you’re almost ready to move in...

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Buying your first home

Should you use a buyer’s agent...

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Once you've signed the contract

Know the cooling-off period...

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Tips for moving

Moving can be an extremely stressful time and it is important you take as much stress off yourself in this time...

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Once you're at your new place

Things to look out for...

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Tips for moving with kids

Moving home is a huge stress on the entire family especially if you have kids as part of the process...

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Home Buying Guide

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1.63mb PDF download

“Very handy. This useful guide contains all of our collective wisdom and experience on buying and selling for all walks of life”

Matt Barnes

Aussie broker since November 2011

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