How to choose a removalist

Moving can be an extremely stressful time and it is important you take as much stress off yourself in this time. There is where a removalist comes in handy, choosing the right company can save you time, energy and money.

When choosing a company to help you with your move:

  • Get a number of quotes – each company is different and may offer a number of different services. Be sure you're getting the right deal for you. Ask your friends or family for any feedback on any companies they have had experience with.
  • You can obtain a list of qualified companies from the Australian Furniture Removers Association
  • Make sure you trust and feel comfortable with your chosen company as they will be in charge of all your valuables on moving day.
  • Book well ahead to ensure your chosen company is available on your moving day.
  • Before moving day, make sure you get a contract finalised with your removalist. Ensure that the terms and conditions of the contract are clear and all costs are included in the agreed quote.
  • Under Australian law, removal companies do not have to carry insurance and in most cases, because your goods have not been packed by the removalist, they take no responsibility for your contents in the event of damages. Check if your current contents insurance covers moving, otherwise you may need to look into transit insurance for all your items to be covered for moving day. There are special removalist companies who deal with valuable goods such as antiques. If you have a lot of valuable items it might be best to go with a company you know has experience handling these types of items.
  • Some removalist companies include extras in their services. If they don't include cleaning, you may need to organise an additional cleaning service for your previous or new residence after the move.

Moving Checklist

  • Pre-book your removalist and get an official quote
  • Check the weather in the lead up to moving day
  • Have a garage sale or organise a charity donation for all your unwanted items
  • Remember to cancel your phone / internet and transfer to the new location
  • If you have pets, plan what you will do with them on moving day – perhaps book them in for boarding on the day
  • Check your insurance on your items – make sure they're covered while you are moving. You don't want to lose / break something that is valuable and then not be covered
  • Remember to empty your fridge and drain your washing machine for the move

Smart packing tips

  • Start packing about 6 weeks before you move so you don't have to rush and end up forgetting things.
  • Write a list of items in each box so you can move and remember what's in each box.
  • Instead of buying boxes why not hire them. Boxes are picked up for free after your move so you don't need to worry about them.
  • Label boxes as fragile so the delicate items are treated more carefully.
  • Count the number of boxes you have once everything is packed to keep track of all your items.
  • Put all liquids in waterproof bags – nothing worse than spilt liquid throughout your clean boxes.
  • If you're transferring cupboards with draws – keep the clothes in the draws so you don't need to pack and unpack the items again.
  • If you have to take furniture apart to move it tape screws, bolts and other loose items to the underside of furniture so you don't lose any.

Continue to information about things to think about once you're in your new home.

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