The big difference between property and any other type of investment is that you can actually touch it. It's bricks and mortar, not just numbers on a screen.

It's also considered one of the more solid, less volatile forms of investment. Investors tend to like property for its:

  • Potential capital growth (increase in value).
  • Ongoing rental return.
  • Tax benefits.

You don't need a big salary to get started

Lenders consider the potential rental income you'll get from the property when calculating how much you can borrow. So property is a viable investment option for first time property buyers as well as existing property owners.

If you already own your own home, and have a reasonable amount of equity in it, you mightn't need to raise any cash to start investing. Many lenders will let you use that equity as a deposit for the investment property.

But if you don't already own a property don't be put off. If you have a deposit saved, an investment might be a good way to get into the property market. While you won't get all the grants and concessions that come with buying a home, you don't have to wait till you can afford somewhere that suits your needs. You can buy something that might make you some money instead.

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