What proportion of homes sell for more than their listed price?

If you are considering purchasing a property, this free report may be of value. Understanding which areas buyers are paying more than the asking price and where buyers are paying less could work to your advantage.

How to use the Property Discounting Report:

  • First-time home buyers: Check to see if the suburb where you are considering buying your first home has been selling at a discount or a premium. This is a good first step towards buying a home.
  • Movers / Sellers: You can use this report to see if other homes in your suburb sold for their asking price or higher.
  • Property Investors: For those considering investing in property, use this report to go bargain hunting. The report covers all of Australia, so it will allow you to look for discounts outside of your local area.
  • The hottest city was Sydney, where 59.4% of houses and 63.6% of apartments sold above their listed price, followed by Melbourne at 50.4% and 45.4%.
  • Despite many properties selling above the advertised price, the majority are selling for less with 63.4% of houses and 58.1% of units nationally selling below the initial list price.