Moving is stressful, but it can be a lot easier and happen smoothly with careful planning. To help you plan, Aussie has created a timeline to help you tie up loose ends before you move.

6 weeks before the move

This is the time to book a removals company or truck for

the day. make sure you find out the following:

  • costs
  • insurance
  • packing
  • loading and
  • delivery and claims procedures with your mover

3-4 weeks before the move

This is the time to start packing. if you require boxes
many truck rental companies will provide them.

It’s also a good idea to organise a garage sale to get rid
of all the stuff you no longer use. you don’t want to take
anything with you that you don’t want or need.

Arrange to cancel utilities and services at your old home
and have them installed at your new home, such as:

  • water board
  • council rates
  • telephone / internet
  • gas / electricity and
  • foxtel

Organise your change of address for your car license,
registration and car insurance.

Clear up outstanding accounts. (sometimes finalised
by a legal representative).

Leave forwarding address with post office. (change of
address form included in package).

Fill out a “change of address” kit and start to notify
anyone you need to of your new address, examples:

  • doctors / dentist
  • accountants
  • credit cards / health care cards & medicare cards
  • employers
  • insurance companies
  • financial institutions
  • magazine / newspaper subscriptions and
  • aec (australian electoral commission)

2-3 days before the move

Your valuables and legal documents should go with you,
not in the truck. have them organised and ready.

Get in plenty of house cleaning materials. you will need
them on moving day.

Arrange the cash or cheque to pay the driver
on delivery day

on moving day

Make a list of all the items and boxes loaded
onto the truck.

Leave a contact number for the driver to reach you.
before signing the agreement with the driver read the
conditions and keep the agreement in a safe place until
goods are delivered.



If you have changed financial institutions or set
up and closed accounts, make sure all companies
such as employer and any companies that direct
debit have your new account details.

A good way to ensure you have notified everyone
of the account change is to go over the last 6
months bank statements.