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Property guides.

The more you know, the better you go.

Our guides are here to help prepare you with everything you need to get ahead.

Home Buying Guide

Buying and Selling Guide image

“Very handy. This useful guide contains all of our collective wisdom and experience on buying and selling for all walks of life.”

Matt Barnes

Aussie broker since November 2011

First Home Buyer Guide

First Home Buyer's Guide image

“I wish I had access to something like the Aussie’s first home buyer guide when I was first buying. It fills in so many blanks the first time around.”

Gemma Ward

Aussie broker since May 2016

Home Loan Refinancing Guide

Home Loan Refinancing Guide image

“Refinancing can be something that seems just all too hard and costly. This guide provides the reassurance for many borrowers that it could be their best move yet.”

Amandip Singh

Aussie broker since October 2014

Property Investment Guide

Property Investment Guide image

“With property investing, there’s plenty to think about. This guide brings it all together with plain-talking advice on how to finance your investment.”

Warren Hitchman

Aussie broker since April 2016

Renovating Guide

Home Renovation Guide image

“So many reasons to renovate and so many decisions to make. The Reno Guide has so much useful information for making sure every decision is the right one.”

Sky Hunt

Aussie broker since August 2015

Home Selling Guide

Buying and Selling Guide image

“The knowledge in this guide provides insider tips to help make selling your property as easy as possible.”

Grace Nguyen

Aussie broker since February 2016

Debt Consolidation Guide

Debt Consol Guide image

“If you’re wondering whether debt consolidation is for you, this savvy online guide outlines what you need to know to work out if consolidating your debts could put you ahead.”

Evelyn Burton

Aussie broker since February 2002

Construction Guide

Construction Guide image

“From laying foundations to finishing touches the construction guide is full of handy tips and knowledge on what to expect during the whole process."

Dario Matera

Aussie broker since March 2010

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