Aussie drives a great deal on car finance

Enjoy a smooth ride on car finance with the help
of your Aussie Broker.

04 February 2020|4 minute read

family in new car

You’ve checked out makes and models, worn out shoe leather in car yards, and taken several test drives.

It’s all part of the car buying experience. And it’s worth it. After all, this could be your biggest purchase second only to buying a home.

Finding the right car loan is important too. And as one Aussie customer, Simon, discovered, driving a great deal on car finance can be as easy as talking with your Aussie Broker.

“Easy, friendly, fast and knowledgeable”

We’ll let Simon do the talking.

“I needed to buy a vehicle interstate, which took quite a bit of organising. The dealership sat me down and offered me the obligatory finance discussion. It was intended to be seamless, except it didn’t feel right. And frankly I felt trapped into the deal they were offering me.

“At work on Monday morning, I asked a colleague if he had a contact. He instantly recommended his Aussie Broker. I now know why.”

Within hours, Simon was sitting down with his Aussie Broker, who as Simon puts it, “Understood exactly what I needed.”

Simon’s Aussie Broker didn’t just do all the mileage arranging the loan. With over 30 lenders* to choose from, Simon was able to select the right deal for his needs.

He adds, “By Thursday afternoon the dealership had their money and I picked up my car the following weekend. I had a deal that was 1.5% less (than dealer finance) and it makes a huge difference to my budget and weekly expenses.” 

Simon sums up his experience saying, “I didn’t know that Aussie financed vehicles, but I am already a convert to their business. Easy, friendly, fast and knowledgeable.”

Why not dealer finance?

Dealer finance can seem like a convenient option. But you need to look under the hood to know exactly what you’re paying for.

For starters, dealers may only work with one finance company. That means you may not be getting a competitive deal. Worst case scenario, you may not be approved for finance at all.

And be careful when it comes to those tempting ‘interest-free’ offers you may see advertised, as you could end up paying more for your car, receive a lower trade-in on an
existing vehicle, or be slugged with a range of fees and charges that end up costing far more than a regular car loan.

Enjoy a smooth ride

If you’re in the market for a vehicle or other asset like new plant or equipment, talk to your Aussie Broker. It’s a low-stress way to know that your loan is every bit as right for you as your new car.