How to plan for your current or future renovation project

To help you get started on your home makeover, here are four ways to kick off your renovation projects

15 July 2021|2 minute read

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To help you get started on your home makeover, here are four ways to kick off your renovation projects.

1. Plan for the future

It’s easy to have a clear vision about how you may want to improve your home, but what can be difficult is making it future proof for any lifestyle changes.

For example, if you’re looking to start a family soon or not sure if you want to stay in the neighbourhood long term, assess whether this investment is realistically suitable for you.

2. Know what’s involved

It’s not just money you’re putting on the line, time is also another consideration.

Project management involves spending a lot of time liaising between suppliers and contractors, being home to provide access and, most importantly, searching the internet long and far for your ideal inspiration pictures!

Council standards and regulations are another consideration to keep in mind.

The types of approvals vary between councils, so it’s a good idea to check this before you get the job underway. This also applies for heritage listings, which have strict regulations around what can and cannot be renovated.

3. Do your research

From your desired look and feel, to the specific features you like and the contractors you may need to engage, there is plenty of information out there for you to soak up!

Do your own research, as well as taking recommendations from your friends and family. This can help make sure you can make an informed decision before you pick your contractors and suppliers.

4. Budget project costs

When it comes to renovations, the cost can differ based on the space you’re renovating and the state you’re in.

Here's a summary of the average project costs by state.

Average kitchen renovation costs by state


Hourly rate


$80 /hr


$50 /hr


$55 /hr


$70 /hr


$62 /hr


Average bathroom renovation costs by state




Hourly Rate: $60 /hr

Total Job: $10,260


Hourly Rate: $65 /hr

Total Job: $17,000


Hourly Rate: $55 /hr

Total Job: $8,000


Hourly Rate: $85 /hr

Total Job: $19,200


Decking average costs by state




Rate: $200 /m2

Total Job: $5,150 total


Rate: $185 /m2

Total Job: $9,000 total


Rate: $190 /m2

Total Job: $14,180


Rate: $170 /m2

Total Job: $8,400 total


Aussie can help you get there

For more help on how refinancing can help you save for your renovation project, speak to your local Aussie Broker about whether refinancing could be an option for you.


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