How to stay on top of the property market

Tips and tricks to help you stay in the loop so you don’t miss out on your dream home

15 June 2021|4 minute read

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Get your email on the radar of different real estate agents

Whether it’s elbowing your way through the crowd to secure a front-row auction position, holding your tongue when friends talk about owning their dream home or spending hours scrolling through the latest real estate updates, let’s face it, the property market can, at times, be all too consuming. That’s why we’re sharing ways to help you stay on top of it to reduce stress levels.

While you may shy away from clicking that subscribe button and copping an inundation of emails, subscribing to lists that are worthwhile ensure you stay up to date on listings, open houses and, in general, the current state of the market. Real estate agents send updates regularly, so it’s worth getting in contact especially if they’re in your area or the area you’re looking to move to. That way, more targeted emails arrive in your inbox so you can forget the spam.

Know where you can afford to buy

Recent research conducted by Aussie discovered that 54% of Australian property buyers don’t know which suburbs they can afford to buy in to.

It’s recommended you have an understanding of the property market in the areas in which you are looking to buy, and the best tool for the job is our Suburb Spotter Map. Once you have a clear idea of which suburbs or towns match your deposit amount, you can cast your net and monitor real estate activity in those areas.

Google alert the right way

An important lesson on the property search; don’t go Google alert happy and inundate your inbox with news covering the latest property development updates in a small suburb on the coast of Perth…when you live in central Victoria. Set up alerts that are relevant to your desired outcome from the property market, as broad or specific as you like. This takes the work out of the extensive scrolling and means rather than being overwhelmed by all the latest, you’re educated by all the information you actually need.

Download the right apps

Viewing auctions from home; there’s an app for that, staying up to date on price predictions; there’s an app for that; there’s even an app that helps you design rooms in your dream home.

In this day and age, you’d be doing a disservice to yourself by not downloading trusted apps that can help you with your property search in the most surprising ways. Apps like GAVL allow you to tune in and bid on a property at auction from a remote location, or Property Calculator Australia helps to calculate your finances for you. High useability, easily accessible, apps can keep you more organised during your property search than you ever thought possible. 

Don’t skip the news

Sure, the local newspapers have meaty real estate sections with ads for properties in your area, you don’t want to take your finger off the pulse of the updates to the property market as a whole. If you’re determined to score the dream home, it’s good to be a savvy buyer – one who understands the various changes that impact everything from house prices to infrastructure development. So go for the paper, but look to e-newsletters from websites sharing of-the moment updates to the market.

Get personal with your broker

Imagine a qualified professional who listens to all your property needs and works with banks and lenders to shop the loan market for you. This is the reality of a trusted Aussie Mortgage Broker! Maintaining a personal relationship with your broker will work wonders to help you stay on top of the property market. They can provide you with free property and suburb reports and they’re on top of the changing home loan market so you don’t need to be.

So what are you waiting for? Find out more about what your Aussie broker can do for you and book an appointment today.

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