Why you need mortgage protection insurance?

Helping you hold on to what matters most

For many of us, our home or property is our biggest financial asset. So it goes without saying that your ability to meet your loan repayments and maintain your lifestyle are worth protecting.

While we never plan to get sick, lose our jobs, or pass away, these are naturally the sorts of things that can take a toll on our mortgage repayments.

But there’s good news. A mortgage protection plan (MPP) offers a simple solution to protect you and your family against those kinds of unexpected events.

Every Australian deserves affordable mortgage protection

Benefits built around you

On top of the life events we cover for you, our plan has some other great benefits.


We pay you, not your lender

While many mortgage protection plans pay the lender, Aussie’s mortgage protection plan pays you (or your estate). This means you can choose how you use your payout, from covering large debts to urgent medical bills.

You'll be well-looked after

At Aussie, our claims team will maintain one-to-one contact to make things as easy as possible. There are no lengthy forms and we’ll keep you updated every step of the way.

You’re always protected

The big difference with Aussie is that our mortgage protection plan policy isn’t linked to your home loan. So if you change lenders, you're still protected (for the life of the policy).