How to apply for a mortgage protection plan

First month of cover is absolutely free!

Apply for the Aussie mortgage protection plan today and take advantage of our 30 day 'free look' period. This gives you valuable time to consider whether the protection is right for you.

We know there's a lot to take in so if you choose not to keep the cover, simply contact Aussie within 30 days and we'll cancel your policy without charge.

We’ve made applying easy

As always, an appointment with Aussie won’t cost you a cent.

Your first step.

If you’d like to find out if you’re eligible for a mortgage protection plan or arrange cover, your local Aussie broker is happy to help.

When you meet with your mortgage broker about your home loan, they will will discuss mortgage protection plan cover options with you and you can decide if it's right for you.

How long does the process take?

Applying for a mortgage protection plan is quick and your broker can complete an application for you in a few minutes.

A medical is not required and all types of employment are covered. And your broker can show you what your home loan repayments will be including the mortgage protection plan premium so there are no surprises.

If you’re happy to take out cover then, your broker can do so in a matter of minutes. Once your application has been lodged you’ll receive confirmation.

The next step.

If you’re ready to find out more, just make an appointment with an Aussie broker or call us on 1300 335 598.

Annette gives cancer a run for its money

Meet Annette. She’s a single mum of two teenage boys, and she’s been diagnosed with Endometrial Cancer. Facing a tough battle ahead, she made a Living Benefit claim on her mortgage protection plan policy.

As the sole income earner for her family, dealing with radiation therapy and being unable to work for six weeks meant there was a high chance Annette would have to sell her house.

But getting the mortgage protection plan payout while her cancer was at a low stage allowed her to focus on her recovery, without financial stress. 

Here’s what Annette had to say:

I had enough leave to cover the time I needed for surgery. But now that I’ve had to have 6 weeks’ radiation, where I can’t go to work, I didn’t have any leave left. My employer and I were trying to negotiate working from home and doing different things, but because I’m not very well, that’s actually difficult.”

“So this was like an instant weight off my shoulders when that money came through. So yes, it makes a massive difference. I was going to have to sell my house otherwise. I live from week to week, so you can’t begin to imagine the difference that’s made. The radiation makes you feel sick, tired and is full on – and I’m still running a household.”

“Not having to worry about mortgage payments is massive. The stress level has been phenomenally different. It’s just so good, so good. I’ve told lots of people how awesome it is. And I really appreciate everything that Aussie has done for me.”

Already been in touch?

If you’ve already talked to us about a mortgage protection plan, but you weren’t really sure at the time, there’s a good chance you can still get covered. Just contact your Aussie broker directly to chat through your options.

Just taken out an Aussie Mortgage Protection Plan?

That’s great news – and a great step towards taking care of the things that matter. If you have any questions about your policy, we’re always here to help. Just call us on 1300 244 266.

After more info?

Learn more about the Aussie Mortgage Protection Plan in the Product Disclosure Statement (173KB) and Policy Document (288KB).