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Don’t just listen to us, hear what Aussie brokers say. See how becoming a mortgage broker and joining the Aussie family has changed these people’s lives, and how it can change yours too.

We have 1000 brokers working as a part of the Aussie family. 50% have been with Aussie for five years or more and 30% for ten or more. The numbers speak for themselves, but let’s hear what they have to say.


Aussie Broker stories


Luke Abraham, Aussie Franchisee

"Aussie has a strong brand. It gives me instant recognition and builds trust with new customers. I can implement my local difference while functioning with the same support as a large organisation. I get ongoing support across marketing, compliance and L&D, keeping my small business in the know." 

Trina Farren-Price, Senior Aussie Broker

“I love Aussie because of the amazing people who provide ongoing support in areas such as training and IT—we can always be assured that we are up to the minute with legislative and policy changes in the industry.”


Sarah Sykes, Aussie Store Broker 

"When I decided to take the plunge and start my career as a mortgage broker, I knew I made the right decision when I chose to take that step with Aussie. Not only do I have a Mentor offering me support, I have the other co store principals plus support whenever I need it from my sales leader, Head office and IT which makes achieving my goals easy. Aussie has given me the flexibility to earn enough income to support my family plus the flexibility to still have time with my children."


Chris Powell, Aussie Franchise

“I found the ongoing support and training from Aussie to be fantastic. The amount of resources, people and ongoing training webinars has given me the knowledge and confidence to pursue this business opportunity with Aussie. Provided you get involved and seek improvement, you can only succeed. The support I received from the Aussie family and in particular my Sales Leader has been amazing. This support, feedback and acknowledgement of my progression has given me the confidence I needed to transition from our Mobile network to a  Franchisee.” 


Meet some of our Aussie Brokers

Mel Smith, Senior Aussie Broker

Harshal Likhite, Aussie Franchisee

Chris Powell, Aussie Franchisee

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