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Helping Aussie’s land their dream home has always been our target. In what started out to be a family business - founded by John Symond and then passed to his nephew James Symond - almost 30-years-later that business has paved the way to success by helping over 700,000 people. 

Just as we’ve helped thousands of Australians open doors to their own properties, we’ve helped our brokers and franchisees grow their own thriving business, even in uncertain times.

Like John and James, we have Aussie Brokers that have been with us for over 25 years, and have even brought husbands, wives and people from all walks of life into the business. We pride ourselves on being a business full of families that help others reach their dream no matter how big or small.

Right now, we have incredible opportunities to join the team, and we provide industry-leading training and support to ensure your mortgage broking business is a success.

Rest assured, you’ll have the backing of a successful company that’s with you all the way. Because at Aussie, we’ll save you.

Our numbers speak for themselves


1 | #1 recognised Mortgage Broking brand in Australia

2 | Nearly 3x brand awareness of its nearest competitor

3 | Most well known home loan brand in Australia, outside the top four banks

4 | 1000+ broker network

5 | 220+ retail stores nationally

6 | 325,000+ customers in FY21

7 | 170,000+ customer enquiries in FY21

8 | A loan book worth around $71bn

9 | Settled over $20.2b in FY21

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