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We invest in keeping our people happy – and our culture strong, collaborative and fun. We like to do things differently and stand out.  

Our vision is to be the best home loan provider on the planet. And to get there, we focus on our people. We’ve set a mission to make our teams, like our customers, feel safe, smart and special through every interaction. It means we’re always honest, courageous and respectful with each other.  

More about our culture

You’re recognised as an individual here. But you’ll also be part of one big team – working together to get the best out of each other, our customers and the business.   

When we do well, we celebrate our success. And when something needs a little more work, we give worthwhile feedback. You’ll always have room to grow, and the opportunities you need to reach your full potential.  

Of course, there are processes in place to guide you to get your job done.  Our willingness to adapt means you’ll be part of a fast paced and collaborative team, that’s flexible and ready to roll with new ideas.  

At the end of the day, we’re all just real people getting the job done – friendly, approachable and genuine.  

Life at Aussie

We do the formal events well but we also enjoy an impromptu get together or a cheeky drink on Fridays.  

We're focussed on your wellbeing and ensuring you are at your best by providing benefits to our team like seasonal fruit, flu-vaccinations, wellbeing consultations throughout the year and corporate discounted fitness programs.  

If this all sounds good to you then you’ll fit right in.  

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