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Is now the time to refinance?

I took out my mortgage at the start of 2014. It’s a variable-rate loan and I’ve been happy with the RBA’s interest rate cuts. But I’ve seen some really low rates advertised – is it too soon to look at refinancing?


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Five tax deductions for investment properties

As a landlord it makes sense to claim everything you are legally entitled to so don’t overlook these potential rental property tax deductions


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Buying your first home with little or no deposit.

With the property prices where they are today, it could be a good time to buy your first home. But getting onto the property ladder is still hard for first home buyers.


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Can I refinance my home loan if I am behind on my repayments?

Normally you would need to be up to date with payments and clear of arrears for six months.

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Can I take out a home loan if I am unemployed but have rental income?

The fact that you are not employed would not necessarily preclude you from applying for a loan.

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How much deposit is required?

The general rule is the bigger deposit you can put down, the better. This sounds pretty obvious but there are some important differences between having 10% and 20% deposit.

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