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Lydia's story

I cannot recommend Carl and Aussie high enough. Every potential home buyer should meet with Aussie when considering a loan. They were un-biased with their comparisons and only interested in the best loan to suit me and my needs.

Loan Amount: $250,000

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Simon & Liz's story

We chose Aussie as it had such a reputable name in the marketplace and we didn't want to deal directly with a bank or other financial institution. We are a couple working full-time so we didn't have the time to 'shop around' for the best available home loan for our needs.

Loan Amount: $486,000

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Bill & Michelle's story

We saw a couple of banks to start with and then we saw Aussie adds on TV saying they were pretty good and thought we'd give them a go. We'd also heard some great things about Aussie from other people.

Loan Amount: $119,000

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Lance & Jamie's story

We found Tony to be so great and he made it really easy to pick what was right for us so we decided to go with Aussie. Tony made sure we had a great range of options to pick from which made us feel happy with the final decision in our loan options.

Loan Amount: 280,000$

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Julie & Keith's story

Sean's professionalism, his honesty, everything about Sean gave us faith in him from day one, he delivered what he said he would, when one avenue wasn't looking good…he tried another, until he got our mortgage for us. He never gave up.

Loan Amount: $300,000

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