Why did you see an Aussie Mortgage Broker?

To purchase an investment property.

Why did you choose Aussie?

I had a good referral from a friend who has arranged finance recently.

How much did you borrow?


Did your Aussie Mortgage Broker save you money?

Yes, I was able to get a 0.70% discount off a new loan. My loans that were already held with the bank were then also eligible to be transferred to the package.

What did you like most?

Nothing was too hard, even when I changed my mind a week out from settlement about which loan I wanted. They did everything to make sure I got what I wanted and still made it to settlement on time – not to mention the timely care, attention and follow up at every step of the way that Catherine my Aussie Mortgage Broker provided.

Any other comments?

The loan needed to be approved and settled quickly to meet finance clauses - which it was.

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