Why did you see an Aussie Mortgage Broker?

We were purchasing land, and looking to build, after too many years out of the housing market while we started and raised our young family.

Why did you choose Aussie?

We had originally borrowed through our Aussie Mortgage Broker - Bill - and Aussie for a previous loan, and the experience had been all good. It seemed a natural step to simply phone Bill, rather than wade through a host of other options.

How much did you borrow?

Around $360K all up.

Did your Aussie Mortgage Broker save you money?

Yes. Discounted rate and advice on what changes in the market meant for our loan. It made choosing the option that suited us very easy.

What did you like most?

Bill worked very hard on our behalf, communicated well with us during all phases of securing and finalising the loan. Nothing has ever been a problem. I have recommended Bill and Aussie to just about everyone I know who would be in a position to require the services of a mortgage broker.

Any other comments about Aussie?

We had originally used Bill and Aussie in 2006. At that stage, the Aussie advertising machine was at full pace, and we figured that it was well worth a look, just to see if a broker was able to give a better deal than the banks. Bill was our local broker and he came straight around following the initial phone consultation. He worked quickly and efficiently to get us a deal that we considered a real solid option and it worked so well that we honestly couldn't see ourselves using anyone else when the opportunity came to purchase again.

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