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Here's just a few testimonials from some of the people we have helped, written in their own words and provided with their permission.


Richard's story

Malcolm was very accommodating without being a pushy salesman. He took all my personal information and treated me like his number one priority, not just another number for his sales. Malcolm called me regularly with updates and was very patient throughout the process of find the right loan to suit my circumstances.

Loan Amount: $350,000

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Melissa's story

Aussie has a good reputation and appealed to us because we knew the legwork would be done by someone who knew how to help us compare all the available products.

Loan Amount: $790,000 (initially)

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Gavin & Robin's story

No fuss, confident with their service and an ability to deliver in a tight timeframe. Another bank took 30 hours to respond to my enquiry.

Loan Amount: $180,000

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Todd's story

I chose Aussie because of its brand name and the easy accessibility. I also like to know the most competitive products in the market. I called Aussie and a broker called me straight away.

Loan Amount: $300,000

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Kerry & Peter's story

We had dealt with Aussie previously and found the organisation more personal and easier to deal with than the banks. We didn't bother comparing with banks.

Loan Amount: $250,000

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