Why did you see an Aussie Mortgage Broker?

We were looking to purchase a new property.

Why did you choose Aussie?

No fuss, confident with their service and an ability to deliver in a tight timeframe. Another bank took 30 hours to respond to my enquiry.

How much did you borrow?


Did your Aussie Mortgage Broker save you money?

Yes, because I stayed with my current lender there was no exit fee and i'm happy with the cheap interest rate and being able to lock in a rate if I want to at no extra cost.

What did you like most about your Aussie Mortgage Broker?

With no warning I was able to get a quick appointment and organise my new mortgage in less than three weeks.

Any other comments about Aussie?

We were not out looking for a new mortgage but found a property that we could not pass up, and it was Aussie to the rescue!

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