Why did you see an Aussie Mortgage Broker?

We were looking at moving to a new home.

Why did you choose Aussie?

We had dealt with Aussie previously and found the organisation more personal and easier to deal with than the banks. We didn’t bother comparing with banks.

How much did you borrow?


Did your Aussie Mortgage Broker save you money?

The interest rate was close to half a percent cheaper than we expected to pay.

What did you like most?

The personal and friendly attention as well as a real person to deal with. We were made to feel important and not just a number.

Any other comments about Aussie?

Shortly after listing our house I was attacked by a pit bull terrier and was incapacitated for 4 weeks. This delayed putting our house on the market, even though we had signed a contract to purchase our new property. Susan was supportive and understanding during this difficult time, offering advice and relieving us of any extra pressure when we could least afford it. I could not imagine a bank delaying due process and supporting us the way the Aussie staff did.

When the time comes for us to buy a new house or investment property, we will only deal with Aussie. Thanks Aussie for helping our dream come true.

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