Why did you see an Aussie Mortgage Broker?

We wanted to purchase a new unit and consolidate other loans into one loan. We also needed to sell our old home but the timing was such that this would not occur until after we bought the new unit (my dream home).

Why did you choose Aussie?

Aussie has a good reputation and appealed to us because we knew the legwork would be done by someone who knew how to help us compare all the available products.

We had made an appointment with another lender, but cancelled it, as it was obvious from our first meeting that Aussie's Vijay Gakhar knew what he was doing, and we were confident that he would get the best deal possible. He arranged an alternative to very expensive bridging finance.

We felt that Aussie was better placed to manage the complicated loan we were seeking. We were not sure how quickly we would sell our former home, so we had planned on renting the new property if the former home did not sell quickly. Luckily we did not need to go down this path, but we had to do all our financial calculations on the assumption we may not have sold it as quickly as we liked.

How much did you borrow

Initially we borrowed a breathtaking $790,000 which we were able to reduce to $365,000 once we sold our former home. We rolled our car loan and a personal loan into this loan and paid out the residual mortgage on our former home.

Did your Aussie Mortgage Broker save you money?

Vijay arranged the loan with Westpac, and as we avoided the bridging finance we have no doubt that he saved us a lot of money. Our 30 year loan is now a 15 year loan since the interest rate drops, as we have kept up the same rate of repayments.

What did you like most?

As this was the first time we have sold a home in order to buy a new home, this was a nerve racking experience. It was made much easier to manage once we met Vijay who knew what he was doing and how to organise the loan. We felt that he was both competent and had integrity, and that he was looking after our interests. He provided information on pitfalls to avoid, followed up promptly with all my queries and chased my lawyer on outstanding matters. He did a lot of work to secure the loan. The peace of mind he provided was worth a lot to us.

Any other comments about Aussie?

Arranging a loan is best put in the hands of experts - if we had gone directly to the banks we do not believe they would have looked after our interests, and we am quite sure we would have paid a higher rate of interest. Moreover, it would have necessitated traipsing around to a few banks to compare and contrast.

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