What can you expect when refinancing your loan?

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Here's just a few testimonials from some of the people we have helped, written in their own words and provided with their permission.


Paul & Kirstin's story

We contacted Aussie, because they seemed to have the best reputation in the market, and at the same time were offering a no string payment of $300 if they couldn't help you get a better deal.

Loan Amount: $415,000

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Helen's story

I had heard great things about Aussie and thought I would start there. My mortgage broker Steven was so good that I didn't go anywhere else.

Loan Amount: $100,000

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Tanya & Matt's story

Paul was very very friendly and explained all details in layman's terms, he was willing to go that extra mile and although our lender did not process our paperwork efficiently Paul constantly followed up and chased to ensure we didn't have to do it and that we were satisfied.

Loan Amount: $375,000

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Lucy & Andrew's story

Our Aussie Mortgage Broker - Stuart - listened to us and searched for the best option for us to save money and pay our loan off quickly. He arranged an appointment straight away when I called to enquire about re-financing and he was always really friendly and helpful. He also went the extra mile by coming to our house to collect paperwork at night.

Loan Amount: $290,000

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Scott & Kyleigh's story

I chose Aussie because they offered me the best deal. I first asked my bank if they would give me a lower rate & they said no. I checked a few other rates but they weren't as good as I was already getting so I checked Aussie & my Aussie Mortgage Broker, Abel, found the best loan for me.

Loan Amount: $500,000

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