Why did you see an Aussie Mortgage Broker?

To refinance my loan.

Why did you choose Aussie?

I chose Aussie because they offered me the best deal. I first asked my bank if they would give me a lower rate & they said no. I checked a few other rates but they weren't as good as I was already getting so I checked Aussie & my Aussie Mortgage Broker, Abel, found the best loan for me.

How much did you borrow?


Did your Aussie Mortgage Broker save you money?

Yes, saved me around $300 per month plus I got the extra money we needed for a renovation.

What did you like most?

Abel was just brilliant. He made everything very simple, straight forward & showed me what I would have to pay, how much I would save & what fees were applicable. There was nothing hidden. He said that this was the lowest rate he could find for my circumstances & I certainly couldn't find better. My original lender could not match the rate he found.

He came to us in our home at a time that was appropriate & his service was exceptional. I would recommend Aussie & Abel to anyone looking at a home loan or refinancing.

Any other comments about Aussie?

I was a person who was quite sceptical about the new breed of lenders. I thought that the fact I had been with a bank for over 20 years & had had 3 home loans & numerous personal loans that no one would be able to offer me a better deal or better service. I thought my bank would fight to keep a person who continually borrows & always pays on time.

On top of the lower rate that Aussie found for me, I have never had sincere personal service like I encountered with Abel.

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