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Live your dream today by financing your car with an Aussie Personal Loan.


Less than 15 minutes to apply, so you could drive away sooner.


Find the car and get a loan term from 1-7 years to suit your budget.^

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Complete an online application in less than 15 minutes.

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How an Aussie Personal Loan helped Steve

Before you get started

A car loan is a type of personal loan that helps in the purchase of a new or used car.

A car loan can help you get closer to buying your dream car, or even just the car you need to help you get from A to B. There are a number of car loans available today, but how do you find one that works for you?

Aussie could help you finance your dream car with an Aussie Personal Loan. The application process is quick, easy and you with terms between 1 - 7 years with a rate that suits your budget.^

You can also use a car loan from Aussie to get yourself a new or used caravan, trailer, scooter, motorcycle or boat.

When comparing car loans, consider how a personal loan could help you manage other existing debts as well. An Aussie Personal Loan is a great way to finance your dream car and you could consolidate other debts all in one go.

Pool your different debts into one loan, with one regular repayment. It'll save you a load of hassle. It's easy and you could apply online in less than 15 minutes.

Aussie Personal Loans could help you with a range of situations that come in to your life, from renovation, wedding, travel, or even just as a way to consolidate all of your existing debts into one manageable loan.

Getting your finances sorted with Aussie is quick and easy. You can get started in less than 15 minutes. Click here to apply online and see what we can offer.

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