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We’ll take the time to learn about your real life situation to see if we can find a home loan solution for you.

Why choose Aussie Activate?

With Aussie Activate, credit assessors take a personalised approach to review your application.

Whether you’re newly self-employed, you have existing debts or perhaps have had issues with credit in the past, we’ll explore options to help you reach your property goals.

Our Aussie Activate range has a variety of features that may suit your needs, including the ability to borrow up to 95% of the property value, access an offset account linked to an Aussie branded Visa Debit Card, consolidate debts into your home loana and make additional repayments to pay off your loan faster.

We’ll assess your application within 48 hours and every pre-approval is fully assessed, which means all we need is a satisfactory property valuation for your loan to be formally approved, giving you the edge over other buyers.

Aussie Activate home loans at a glance

  • Borrow from $50,000 to $2,500,000 depending on your needs and circumstances
  • Loan terms up to 30 years
  • No upfront or ongoing fees for Aussie Activate Prime loans
  • 48 hour application assessmentb
  • Fully assessed pre-approvals
  • Alternative doc and newly self-employed loan options
  • Principal & Interest or Interest Onlyc repayment options available
  • Option to add an Offset Account linked to an Aussie branded Visa Debit Card
  • Structure your loan with up to four splitsd
  • Consolidate your existing debtse
  • First standard valuation at no costf
  • Make additional repayments
  • Unlimited online redraw through your Aussie Activate online banking account (minimum of $50 per transaction)
  • Flexible repayment frequency of weekly, fortnightly or monthly for loans or splits with Principal & Interest repayments

Aussie Activate Interest Rates

  • Aussie Activate Standard refers to Owner-occupier home loans with Principal and Interest repayments.
  • Aussie Activate Plus refers to Owner-occupier home loans with Interest Only repayments and Investment home loans with either Principal and Interest or Interest Only repayments.
Product Name Interest Rates Comparison Rate
Aussie Activate Prime Full Doc
[rates|OO-Aussie-Activate-Prime-Full-Doc-P&I-Variable-LVR >75% up to 80%]* 
[comp-rates|OO-Aussie-Activate-Prime-Full-Doc-P&I-Variable-LVR >75% up to 80%]* 
Aussie Activate Near Prime Full Doc
[rates|OO-Aussie-Activate-Near-Prime-Full-Doc-P&I-Variable-LVR >75% up to 80%]* 
[comp-rates|OO-Aussie-Activate-Near-Prime-Full-Doc-P&I-Variable-LVR >75% up to 80%]*
Aussie Activate Specialist Full Doc 
[rates|OO-Aussie-Activate-Specialist-Full-Doc-P&I-Variable-LVR >75% up to 80%]* 
[comp-rates|OO-Aussie-Activate-Specialist-Full-Doc-P&I-Variable-LVR >75% up to 80%]* 
Aussie Activate Prime Alt Doc
[rates|OO-Aussie-Activate-Prime-Alt-Doc-P&I-Variable-LVR>75% up to 80% LVR]*   [comp-rates|OO-Aussie-Activate-Prime-Alt-Doc-P&I-Variable-LVR>75% up to 80% LVR]* 
Aussie Activate Near Prime Alt Doc
[rates|OO-Aussie-Activate-Near-Prime-Alt-Doc-P&I-Variable-LVR>75% up to 80% LVR]*   [comp-rates|OO-Aussie-Activate-Near-Prime-Alt-Doc-P&I-Variable-LVR>75% up to 80% LVR]*  
Aussie Activate Specialist Alt Doc 
[rates|OO-Aussie-Activate-Specialist-alt-Doc-P&I-Variable-LVR >75% up to 80%]*   [comp-rates|OO-Aussie-Activate-Specialist-alt-Doc-P&I-Variable-LVR >75% up to 80%]* 

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  4. What’s the difference between Aussie Activate and Aussie Activate Plus?
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