Aussie has two great ways to start your home loan application today


Connect with an Aussie Broker or apply for our online home loan, Aussie Edge.


Meet with an Aussie Broker


Speaking with an Aussie Broker is the way to go if you: 

  • want access to over 3,000 loans from more than 20 leading lenders^
  • need help understanding any part of the home loan process
  • are looking for pre-approval
  • want to borrow more than 80% of a property’s value
  • want someone to help you with and do the leg work for the application process
  • want a home loan expert to provide a solution to meet your unique needs
  • have specific needs such as loan splits, guarantor(s), construction, multiple securities or other, more complex loan structures or a more complex financial situation
  • want ongoing support as your needs and goals change.


Meet with a broker

Apply with Aussie Online


Applying for our exclusive online home loan, Aussie Edge, could be a good option if you:

  • want to manage your own application online and complete it at your own pace
  • are refinancing, or you have the address of the property you are purchasing
  • are borrowing on your own or with one other person
  • want full approval*, not pre-approval
  • like the look of Aussie Edge's low, online rate.

To apply, the property you’re financing must be in a metro area, or major regional centre.


During your application, there is webchat, phone and email support if you need it.


If you’re eligible and you’ve got everything you need you could have your home loan approved today!


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