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Investing in property hinges on the amount you can borrow and your loan repayments. We have developed several calculators to help you get an idea of what you can borrow and what you can afford to repay.

Borrowing calculator

A Borrowing calculator can give an estimate of how much you may be able to borrow based on your income and expenses. However, there are no guarantees a bank will agree to lend you this amount.

That’s because some income like overtime payments may not be taken into account by your lender when you apply for a loan. It can also be easy to underestimate your living expenses. And when you apply for a loan the lender may want to know more about your spending patterns before approving a borrowing amount. As an investor, you’ll want to start with your borrowing power as an indicator for what types of properties you can start looking to invest in.

A borrowing calculator should be seen as a useful guide. But it’s no substitute for speaking with an Aussie Mortgage Broker.

Repayment calculator

Understanding how much you can borrow makes it easier to know what you can afford to pay for an investment property. The next step is knowing what your regular mortgage repayments are likely to be. This helps you work out your cash flow, and as an investor, help give an idea of your ongoing expenses.

Online repayment calculators show possible repayments, terms and interest rates. It’s also an easy way to estimate how your repayments can change if rates rise or fall.

You can also estimate how much interest you’ll pay. 

The interest rate you use in the calculator can have a big impact on your repayments. You might also be able to secure a lower rate if you speak to a mortgage broker. A lower rate can trim your repayments and cut your overall interest paid.

Calculators are useful tools that take some of the guesswork out of how much you can borrow and what your repayments will be.

Your Aussie Broker can give you more info and use our mortgage repayments calculator.

Speak to an Aussie Broker 

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