Building your property investment team

Ensure you’ve got the right team around you before beginning the property investment journey

A real estate buyer's agent showing a couple around a suitable investment property.

Two (or more) heads are better than one. So, a team of experts can help you research the market and streamline the experience of being a property investor.

Mortgage broker – a key role

A mortgage broker can play an important role in your investment team, as they offer valuable insights on the mortgage market. That’s important because the loan you select could impact your return on investment and your cash flow.

Your broker can help you choose the investment loan that’s right for your needs and goals. They have insights about the deposit you’ll need  and using the equity in your home as extra security for a property .

Your Aussie Broker also has access to current market values, past capital growth and current rental yields in a variety of suburbs . 

Solicitor/conveyancer – essential legal expertise

Buying property also involves different legal documents and processes. Hiring a conveyancer or solicitor could reduce the stress of dealing with this by yourself.

Your legal rep can review the contract of sale, so you understand all the terms and conditions. Your solicitor or conveyancer will complete the necessary paperwork to transfer the property into your name .

Accountant – get tax right

Some expenses relating to an investment property could be claimed on tax. A qualified accountant can help you identify which expenses you could claim as a tax deduction. They can also determine how much rental income you need to declare in your tax return each year and help you complete and lodge your tax return.

Financial planner – expertise on money matters

A licensed financial planner can help you develop financial goals and strategies to achieve them . It can be useful information if you’re buying a rental investment.

Buyer’s agent – find the right property sooner

A buyer’s agent can track down suitable properties, inspect them and prepare a shortlist of places for you to visit, saving you time. They can also handle the negotiations or bid at auction on your behalf.

Buyer’s agents charge a fixed fee or a commission that’s usually between1.5% to 3% of the purchase price of the property .

Real estate agent – harness local knowledge

A selling agent must act responsibly and ethically with buyers and the seller. Bear in mind their main responsibility is to the property’s owner. But they still play a helpful role.

Not every property is openly advertised for sale. Some are sold off market. Talk to local agents and let them know what sort of property you’re looking for to tap into this hidden property market.

Your agent could also offer property management services, provide estimates of the rent a property may generate and explain local vacancy rates .

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