Make your next move a breeze with a deposit bond

Learn about what a deposit bond is, how it can help you and how much it costs.

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Is there anything more stressful than buying and selling at the same time? A deposit bond could give you the breathing space you need when making the jump to your next home.

Could a deposit bond make the buying and selling process easier for you?

It might be worth considering whether a deposit bond might help you, especially when you’re planning to buy and sell within a short period of time.

Usually, when you sign a contract to purchase a property, you’ll also need to provide the 10% cash deposit. A deposit bond is substitute for the cash deposit, in the form of a guarantee. It allows you to secure your purchase now and pay the deposit bond and the full purchase prices at settlement when you will have access to your cash.

To see if a deposit bond might be right for you, speak with your Aussie Broker. They can also help you to organise your deposit bond through our partner, Deposit Assure.

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Commonly asked questions

  1. Why would I use a deposit bond?
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  4. How do I use a deposit bond?
  5. How much does a deposit bond cost?
  6. What are the benefits of a Deposit Assure deposit bond through Aussie?

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