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Finding your new car just got easier

At Aussie, we will help you speed your way through the world of car finance.
With no dealer pressure, no complex contracts and no hidden costs.

Car and vehicle loan features

Flexible repayments

A balloon, or residual repayment is usually available. Balloon repayments give you a lower repayment during the loan term, but leave a residual amount at the end of the loan.

Borrow for new or used cars

With Aussie you can borrow for brand new vehicles or those up to 12 years old, purchased from a dealer or a private sale. Car loans are available from $5,000 and upwards.

Deposit and security

Usually no deposit is required. And both secured and unsecured car loan options are available. Secured loans generally have a lower interest rate than unsecured loans.

Loan term and interest rates

Loan terms usually range from 1 - 5 years. You can stay in control with fixed interest rates, and you can usually make additional repayments to reduce the loan faster.

Let us help you get behind the wheel of your new car sooner

Whether you need a car for personal or business use Aussie can help arrange the loan so you can buy the car you want. 

You can even use our car buying service available for brand new cars where we source the car of your choice, look after the dealership negotiations for you and help you find the right deal.

We will even deliver the new car directly to you from anywhere in Australia, saving you time and effort.

Let us smooth out any bumps on the road by assisting you in finding your next car and the loan to boot. 

Talk to Aussie about your pre-approved^ car loan

Pre-approved finance

Did you know that 93% of people use finance^^ of some kind to buy a car? The good news is your Aussie Broker can help you organise pre-approved finance for your new car.

When you have your car loan pre-approved, you’ll know how much you can afford and be able to negotiate the right deal so you can get behind the wheel of your new car sooner. 

How does pre-approval work at Aussie?

Once you’ve met with your Aussie Broker and discussed how much you would like to borrow for your new car, we will submit your application to our Aussie Asset Finance team.

Our team will review your application and provide you with options that suit your needs.


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