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7 financial resolutions for your home loan in 2022

The New Year is the perfect time to come up with some resolutions and financial goals for the year ahead.

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How to avoid overpaying on your mortgage in 2022

Learn how to save and pay less interest on your home loan. Here are 7 ways to get closer to being debt-free.

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How to access equity to renovate your home

What home equity is, how to access it, the downsides and alternative ways to fund your renovation.

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How to look for the property that’s perfect for all seasons

You’ve found your dream house, but will it be just as perfect all year-round?
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Australian destinations to dream about, save for or book

Here are some Aussie travel destination ideas for good times and great fun – right here in our own backyard.

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5 easy ways to save this Christmas

Here are five simple strategies that could help you earn extra cash for the festive season.

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First home buyer FOMO

Afraid of missing out on getting into your first home? Read through our 10 tips on how to navigate the property market.

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Buy a new or used car that you love

Read our step by step guide to buying a used car in 2021, and things to remember when looking for the right vehicle.

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Protect your home and contents

Give yourself piece of mind for when you away from home by taking out home and contents insurance.

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How refinancing ‘made a big difference’ for this single mum

Refinancing could help you reduce the amount you pay over the life of your home loan, this was the reality for an Aussie customer.

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Is now a good time to refinance?

With rates at a historic low, this may be the time to get in while you still can.

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Are you a Millennial looking to buy a home?

The Aussie home ownership dream is still alive and well, here's what you need to know.

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5 reasons 2021 could be the year to buy a home

If you have been thinking about purchasing, there are advantages to making 2021 the year you make your move.

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5 reasons why EOFY could be a great time to buy a new car

The sale period leading up to the end of financial year is one of the most popular times to buy big ticket items like cars.

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6 ways to make the most of home loan pre-approval

Here are six ways you could make the most of your pre-approval.

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Looking to sell and buy a new home in 2021?

Aussie's Buyers' Opportunity report details opportunities for homeowners looking to move and buy a new home.

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7 tips to buying a property

Ideas to help get you organised and ready to find your dream property.

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Top Aussie suburbs for buying a home in 2021

Aussie's are obsessed with property and the market hasn’t slowed down during the pandemic.

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How to plan for your current or future renovation project

To help you get started on your home makeover, here are four ways to kick off your renovation projects.

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Covid-19 and 5 misconceptions about the property market

Recent times have cast doubts for some Australians who are planning to buy or refinance their home.

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How to spot (and avoid) loan scams

Read our tips on how to spot loan scam and what to do if you suspect a scammer might be targeting you.
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First home buyers can find the property market confusing

Starting the journey to becoming a first home owner can sometimes feel like a long and often confusing process.
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Confused about refinancing? An Aussie Broker can help

Aussie Brokers are there to provide the 'know-how' to help you kickstart the refinancing process.
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Now is a good time to check in with your Aussie Broker

Big changes are shaking up the home loan market.
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10 ways to help you max your tax refund

Ten simple steps can help you get the max from your tax return.
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The psychology of saving

Here’s a look at common personalities plus tips to help you avoid danger zones.
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Keep it in the family

Pooling resources with family could offer a quick path to home ownership.
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Aussie gets your business growing

Accessing business finance doesn’t have to be hard work.
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From renter to home owner with Aussie

One Perth couple nailed it with the support of their Aussie Broker.
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5 habits and secrets of staunch savers

We spoke to five staunch savers, who share their secrets of success.
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How to stay on top of the property market

Tips and tricks to help you stay in the loop.
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5 things that don’t affect your credit score

Staying on top of your credit score is important.
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Aussie drives a great deal on car finance

Enjoy a smooth ride on car finance with the help of your Aussie Broker.
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